How I’d Style It: 2015 Walnut St Apt 203

Have you ever seen an apartment online and thought, “what would I even do with this space”?

Of course you have! We’ve all done it, I spend not an insignificant amount of time endlessly scrolling Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Zillow et al looking at housing and going full US Supreme Court on the layout and style choices. So much time, in fact, that I figured I’d turn that hobby into a series – this series.

Not like a super famous network hasn’t already done this

The whole point of How I’d Style It, is to look at awkward spaces with fresh, unencumbered eyes (because the realities of budgets are no fun) and redesign the space to fit me and my lifestyle.

First up in this new series – 2015 Walnut St #203.

According to the Facebook Marketplace listing, this is a “400sqft studio apartment half a block from the most prestigious square in all of Philadelphia – Rittenhouse Square”. The unit has a fairly standard-sized urban kitchen, a full bathroom (a blessing in a city that thinks one of those corner shower stalls – barely big enough for anyone to get in – is sufficient), a sleeping attic, and a large closet whose entrance is yet to be determined from the photos although I’m fairly certain it’s under the attic next to the bathroom.

I immediately fell in love with the high ceilings, the buttress details, and all the light. I was so impressed by these features, that I immediately sent the posting to my more sane friends asking if I was wrong for loving a studio apartment – all but one agreed with me.

However, I know me and my life (two cats and a dog) and 400sqft is not a lot of space and I have a lot of living I need to make fit – dinner parties, movie and game nights, dates (like I said in the intro, pure fantasy), and just lounging in general.

So how would I do it? How would I fit all of my living into 400sqft? Over the next few weeks, I’ll break this space down “room by room”, restyle it, and explain the logic behind every decision. As I said earlier, this is pure fantasy unbound by budgets or COVID-19. I don’t expect anyone to buy the items mentioned in my posts nor am I advocating for reckless behavior like gatherings during a pandemic (wash your hands and wear your masks over your nose people). With that being said, let’s start styling, shall we?

First up, the kitchen.

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